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The best shopping scenes in movies – Tatler

When Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) and Paul Varjak (George Peppard) embark on a day of doing things the other has never done before, Golightly takes Varjak for 'breakfast' at Tiffany's claiming, 'Nothing bad could ever happen to you in a place like this.' They peruse the store where a particular yellow diamond peaks her interest. Years later, Lady Gaga wore the 125.48 carat stone to the 2019 Oscars. A full circle moment of fashion and certainly an inspiration to hit up the local Tiffany's.
After new girl Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) devises a plan to take down the popular mean girl Regina George (Rachel McAdams), she advises her to eat Kalteen bars, a snack she claims makes you lose weight when in fact they bulk you up. With the spring fling coming up, the clique head to a high end boutique to try on a dress for George to wear but it doesn't fit, prompting the shop assistant to rudely respond, 'You could try Sears.' High school cattiness at its finest.
With countless shopping and fashion references from the start, Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) plays a fashion-obsessed teen in this cult classic adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. With iconic lines like 'This an Alaia!', era-defining costumes from Mona May and realising she's fallen in love while shopping on Rodeo Drive, this movie will have you in the department stores in no time.
Isla Fisher plays a typical fashion addict in this cute comedy who struggles to make a name for herself in the magazine industry while battling her shopping addictions, most notably at a sample sale where she gets into a physical altercation with another customer. We've all been there.
While she may not be boutique-hopping in Chelsea, Kirsten Dunst's portrayal of Marie Antoinette sees her and friends enjoying the lavish experience of having a team of staff to present her with new fabrics, gowns, and accessories all while drinking from a champagne tower, eating decadent confectionary and playing poker. It's next level personal shopping.
When rich Malibu teen Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) is forced to go to boarding school in rural England for her troublesome behaviour, she struggles to live without the modern necessities of the high life she's used to. In time though, she makes friends with her schoolmates who take her on a trip to the local Cancer Research to search for school disco outfits. It may not be Louis Vuitton but they manage to get creative which calls for every noughties kid's favourite makeover montage ever, set to the Sugababes' About You Now.
With one of the most iconic lines from movie history, Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) plays a sex worker who falls in love with a rich businessman (Richard Gere). She heads to an affluent street to buy an outfit for a society event in her raunchy look and is rudely turned down by the stuck up staff. She returns to the store the next day donning a designer gown, arms filled with shopping bags and after reminding the staff they wouldn't serve her and that they work on commission, she proclaims, 'Big mistake, huge!'
When Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) goes shopping for the perfect dress for what she presumes will be the night her boyfriend proposes, a sales assistant tries to swindle her by selling her an old dress for full price. Woods, a style addicted shopaholic, doesn't let her get away with it though claiming, 'I saw it in the JuneVogue a year ago, so if you're trying to sell it to me for full price, you got the wrong girl.' Full on fashion justice.

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