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Namrata Zakaria
8 months after touch 50k, sensex has raced another 10k in record time. That’s good news for young and old investors, alike. This is their mantra for investing in the stock markets
There has been a steady rise in women investors during the pandemic and research suggests they make better investors being more patient and more goal-based
Welcome to TOI+ Quick Crossword made to play easily on your mobile. Tap or click on the puzzle below to get started. The menu button on the top left will clear
Even today, research is male-biased
The story of Indian diplomacy overcoming tremendous odds in a high stakes contest
Our politics doesn’t matter, every move to increase prosperity must be welcomed
Quirky, crazy, shocking, even bizarre. TOI’s reporters spread across the country come across such stories every day. Here’s a selection of a few such jaw dropping articles
To look at it through the prism of identity politics only ends up exaggerating the Jat-Dalit fault line, as if that has been Punjab’s primary concern. Charanjit Singh Channi’s greatest strength is that he’s a ‘common man’
The NYT bestsellers list offers us a window into some of the best and most acclaimed writing being published in the West. Every week we share with you the new top fiction and non-fiction books from the list to enrich and expand your reading taste
From Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US to the mysterious death of a Hindu guru. There were a number of events last week that caught the public’s
China will likely clean up real estate, not do a bailout. That will affect Chinese & world economy
Centre’s revenue has surged, states are fiscally weak. Avoid a long debate on fiscal federalism
The fact is that we don’t know, and may never find out, just how much money has been collected in this fund; and where, how and when it will be used
The British health authorities claim to have identified and isolated a unique, super-smart variant of the coronavirus which specifically targets people of
Two legal experts bring us both sides of this sensitive and controversial issue
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