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Destiny 2's Threads of Light Fashion Show Will Feature Stylish Players – Screen Rant

Destiny 2 will soon be featuring the game’s most fashionable guardians with the release of Threads of Light, a new digital player magazine.
Destiny 2 has teased Threads of Light, the first digital fashion magazine which will showcase stylish players. Players have been battling through challenges in “Season of the Lost, while others have been teaming up for raid challenges and “Trials of Osiris“. Each has the chance to offer players new gear, and Destiny‘s latest announcement appears to offer a chance for them to show off what they have earned.
Building upon its predecessor, Destiny 2 has an astounding customization system. The Eververse was introduced late in the original Destiny and continued to expand in the current installment, as it allows players to purchase silver for in-game cosmetics. Shaders and emotes are the most popular choices, allowing players to showcase who they are even when many have the same armor and weapon sets. But, transmog began aiding with this too, as when it was introduced players were able to apply stats from powerful armor to their favorite cosmetic pieces.
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With a teaser clip released on Twitter, Destiny 2 is soon to have a digital fashion magazine. So far, it is only known that it will be celebrating the community’s creativity and “showcasing the best guardian fashion styles.” Players have already begun speculating as to what events might be included and excitedly began sharing their decked-out characters perhaps in hopes of being featured. Players flocked to share their fashion statements, and given that Destiny 2 has been played for almost 10 billion hours, there will be plenty of outfit and shader combinations to be shared. Unfortunately, this is the only information so far, as the end of the video tells players and fans to “stay tuned” for more.

Perhaps this guardian fashion magazine will have players walking a sort of virtual red carpet. “The Witch Queen” expansion is coming on February 22, where players will grind for new armor, weapons,  style, and overall class to fight the next big bad, Savathûn. To tide the wait, Destiny is releasing “Threads of Light“, which will hopefully entertain the community in new and creative ways.
Since hinting at which raid is returning from the original Destiny, Bungie has officially made their next move. The excitement is there, as players responded well in the comments to Destiny 2‘s teaser. Waiting is all there is left to do, as new announcements should soon come. Between transmog, shaders, and the Eververse, there are hundreds of ways for players to tweak their look. Eyes will be on Bungie to see who made it to the first installment of “Threads of Light“.
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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.
Source: DestinyTheGame/Twitter